Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle? This portobello sandwich will leave any vegan and non vegan comp

Portobello is a wonderful meat substitute and truly can be called the steak to the vegetarian world! It is a large cremini mushroom. It is thick, hearty and has a tough texture so it does not fall apart. Portobello's have a satisfying strong flavor.

Today, I am sharing this simple recipe for a juicy mushroom and onion sandwich. I believe that cooking a mushroom carefully is as important as cooking meat carefully. A properly cooked portobello will be soft and juicy. In order to get the texture I believe is perfect, I pan sear it for about 20 minutes.


1 Portobello mushroom

1 teaspoon sea salt

1 teaspoon nutritional yeast

2.5 cups water

1 tspn balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon tamari

1/4 sweet white onion sliced

1 Ciabbatta roll

1 TBSPN Vegan Mayo

1 tspn Gochujang paste

2 basil leaves

2 leaves of lettuce

Place your portobello mushroom in a saute pan and turn on medium low heat. Sprinkle one side with half the salt and half nutritional yeast. Mix your 2.5 cups of water with balsamic and tamari and place 1/4 cup into the heated saute pan. Let saute until liquid dries. Add one more 1/4 cup liquid, allowing it to dry and then turn the mushroom over. Sprinkle with the remainder salt and nutritional yeast and add 1/4 cup more liquid. As the mushroom cooks it will soaking up the liquid which makes it juicy. Now, with a fork, press down hard on the portobello, with the back side of the fork, leaving fork marks in your mushroom, as if you were tenderizing it. Once you have repeated this process for 10 minutes, add your onions to the saute pan and allow them to cook up and brown in the juices. Continue this process of adding 1/4 liquid, allowing it to dry, pressing on your mushroom and flipping it until you have cooked it for 20 minutes.

In the mean time prepare your ciabatta roll. Add mayo to each side, then add Gochujang paste. Add your lettuce and basil. Add tomato and avocado if you like too :)

Next layer your bread with the onions and the portobello.

Enjoy and beware, grab your napkin because those juices will come dripping out!

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